Your advertisement for seeking Japanese pen pals will be listed very quickly!
Your advertisement will catch the notice of 2,000 Japanese people!
This magazine is not the same as the weekly pen pal newsletter. You can use this news letter if you would like to be listed very quickly. Your advertisement for seeking Japanese pen pals will reach about 2,000 Japanese people within 7 days! This service is only for friendship, learning culture and languages, not for romance and marriage.
This service is no guarantee of making Japanese pen pals absolutely. However you have a high probability of making good Japanese pen pals.

This is a pay service only $5. You can pay by Paypal or credit cards if you don't have paypal account. (We are not notified of your credit card information at all.)

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Step 1
Please fill in forms below. Please click the confirmation button and check your input information if it is correct on the confirmation screen. Next click the send button on the bottom of the page. We will send you an e-invoice by return e-mail.

Step 2
You can pay by credit card from the e-invoice. The e-invoice contains information about the content of the charge and a link to the website for a PayPal payment. Please arrange for payment on the website.

Step 3
After confirmation of payment, your advertisement will be sent to about 2,000 Japanese people within 7 days. Thy are looking for non-Japanese pen pals.

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(This is a pay service only $5.)
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